Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mondays and Tuesdays are Great Days

I love the beginning of the week. Must people are thinking I'm crazy right now. Why do I like Mondays and Tuesdays?

New book releases. Monday brings new releases from Carina Press. Tuesday brings new releases from a number of publishers. I love getting new books! I have almost so much fun buying the books as I do reading them. 

Today If You See Her by Shiloh Walker released today. I've been looking forward to reading this series. Also, Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman released today. 

So many great books to read. Not enough time each day to read them. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Time to Read = Cranky

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read since Monday. Life was just too busy this week. Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll get a chance to read a chapter or two during work if we are slow. With unusually warm weather we've been having this January, we have been busier at work so no time to read there either. 

I find I'm a little cranky when I haven't opened a book in days. Reading is a great stress reliever for me. Here's hoping I can change that this weekend. I really want to finish Cover Me by Catherine Mann. I didn't allow myself to read a little before bed the past few nights because I knew it would lead to me being up for hours to finish it. However, I needed the sleep to function at work so I couldn't do it. Oh the joys of life. 

Do you get cranky when you haven't read in days? Do you find it hard to put down a good book even when you have to be up early the next morning? 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gemma Halliday's Hollywood Headlines Series for Free

Gemma Halliday is offering her Hollywood Headline series for free on Amazon Kindle. The schedule is below.

Now thru Jan 17: Hollywood Scandals
Jan 17 thru Jan 26: Hollywood Secrets
Jan 27 thru Feb 5: Hollywood Confessions

Go forth and get free books.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Putting the Book Down

Last night I could have stayed up all night reading Cover Me by Catherine Mann. Unfortunately, I had to force myself to put the book down. Too much to get done today to have stayed up late into the night or rather early morning hours reading. Being an adult sucks sometimes. 

Do you have problems putting the book down to go to sleep? Do you stay up all night reading? If not, how do you resist the temptation to continue reading? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too Many Choices, Too Little Time

I sit here debating which book I want to read next. I'm going through my kindle library and there are too many books that I want to read. I just can't decide.

How do you decide what book to read next? What books do you recommend?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 is Full of Promise

New Year's resolutions never work for me. I don't remember ever accomplishing any resolution I've made. Instead I am setting goals for this year. My two biggest goals involve reading and writing. Two of my favorite things to do. 

In 2012, I want to read 100 books. I managed to read 63 books in 2011. I may have to sleep less to accomplish it, but reading is worth losing sleep. On the downside, lack of sleep may make me cranky so I need to take that into consideration.

Also, I want to finish plotting the book I am working on, write it, and then edit it. My plan is to submit the book by the end of the year. 

Of course, writing and submitting a book may limit the number of books I get read. However, I'm dreaming big. No reason to have small dreams. Dreams are about all of life's possibilities. 

What do you want to accomplish in 2012?

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I'll be talking about books, writing, and other aspects of life. I look forward to hearing from you.

Any books I talk about will be positive. Life's too short so I only read books that I enjoy. I don't bother to comment on books I don't finish. I've found that a book I may not enjoy now doesn't mean I want enjoy it in a month or two. I simply make note of those books and take another look at them later.