Saturday, January 28, 2012

No Time to Read = Cranky

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read since Monday. Life was just too busy this week. Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll get a chance to read a chapter or two during work if we are slow. With unusually warm weather we've been having this January, we have been busier at work so no time to read there either. 

I find I'm a little cranky when I haven't opened a book in days. Reading is a great stress reliever for me. Here's hoping I can change that this weekend. I really want to finish Cover Me by Catherine Mann. I didn't allow myself to read a little before bed the past few nights because I knew it would lead to me being up for hours to finish it. However, I needed the sleep to function at work so I couldn't do it. Oh the joys of life. 

Do you get cranky when you haven't read in days? Do you find it hard to put down a good book even when you have to be up early the next morning? 

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