Sunday, February 3, 2013

Anticipated Read - A SEAL’s Seduction by Tawny Weber

I love Tawny Weber’sbooks! A SEAL’s Seduction released this month. It’s on my read soon list. 

Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon

Current Status: Two weeks ofenforced leave

Mission: Distract himselfin any way possible

Obstacle: A woman who temptshim to break the rules…including his own!
Navy SEAL Blake Landon (a.k.a. “Boy Scout”) knows therule book inside and out. Checked. Rechecked. But when a mission ends badly,his entire team is ordered on leave. And that’s when Blake sees the tallredhead whose dark eyes suggest that the rules— especially those in bed—aremade to be broken.
Scientist Alexia Lane has sex on the brain—partly for work, butmostly because she needs a man who makes her girly parts do the happy dance.Her only no-no? No military dudes. But Blake’s rockin’ bod promises deliciouspleasures, and Alexia is halfway to sexual Nirvana before she can find out he’sactually a Navy SEAL.
And where one rule is broken, more are sure to follow….

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