Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Need You For Christmas by Leah Braemel Giveaway

I Need You For Christmas by Leah Braemel releases tomorrow. This book is on my holiday must read list. I want to share the love so I’m giving away a kindle copy of I Need You For Christmas. 

Enter below. Check back Tuesday to see if you won. Contest rules are here.

Ryan Porter is a sculptor, and beneath his callused hands, even the most rigid metals bend to his will. So, too, does his girlfriend Megan—a confident, strong woman who delights in submitting to Ryan’s dominance in the bedroom.

Megan is a Mountie, and she’s spent the past few years in the arctic following her career dreams. Family obligations kept Ryan at home, but their love survived the distance thanks to several hot visits. A Mountie always gets her man, and Megan is bound and determined to keep Ryan.

Now Megan’s with Ryan for the holidays…but how long will this visit last? She’s always been willing to do anything Ryan desires, but will he finally tell her that all he needs for Christmas is her?

Available at      Carina Press      Kindle        Nook

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  1. I Need You for Christmas sounds like a great read. Plus, I love the cover. Very lovely! Thanks for this chance to win! :)

  2. I can't wait to read this, Leah's books are always so good.
    lorimeehan 1@