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Recommended Read - Coming Up For Air by Karen Foley

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Coming Up For Air is another captivating read by Karen Foley. I love her books. Each has a way of drawing me in and keeps me turning the pages. Coming Up For Air is a part of Harlequin Blaze’s Uniformly Hot series.

I loved Jenna and Chance. They development of their relationship and how they would work despite Jenna's issues with dating someone in the military were well written.

Jenna never would have gotten together with Chance if she hadn't mistaken him for his twin brother, Chase. I enjoyed how Jenna found out who Chance really is and that he's a pilot. She has issues with getting involved with a pilot. Gradually, she's able to overcome her issues. The progression works and develops throughout the book to stay in character for Jenna.

Chance is a sexy pilot who flies an Apache helicopter. After reading this book, you may find you want a Chance of your very own. 

I’m looking forward to Chase’s book, No Going Back, that will be out July 1, 2012.

Recommend this book to any reader looking for a sexy, military romance. 

Subject: Army Major Chance Rawlins, Helicopter Pilot.
Current Status: Soon-to-be-deployed to Afghanistan. 
Mission: Report to Captain Jenna Larson for a sexy, one-night inspection.
Obstacle: She's mistaken him for another man!

Major Chance Rawlins has a bit of a reputation, both in and outside of the helicopter cockpit. He's a hotshot, and he knows it. But when he enjoys a spontaneously naughty night with Captain Jenna Larson, Chance realizes Jenna has no idea who he is...and that she's mistaken him for his twin brother!

Since it was just a one-nighter, Chance decides not to give the game away. But when their paths cross again in the dry heat of Afghanistan, Chance sees an opportunity to show Jenna exactly who he is--and what he can do to her. After all, the best pilots know when to hold back...and when to engage in a little sexy fire!

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