Monday, April 16, 2012

Worth the Scandal by Karen Erickson

Image via Karen Erickson's Website
Worth the Scandal is worth the read. The journey to Tessa and Alex’s happily ever after had me turning the pages. I read the majority of the book in one sitting. 

Tessa is from a completely different background than Alex. The challenges to overcome the differences were well written and intriguing. Tessa feeling out of her element at times with Alex was true to her character and added to making her a three dimensional character. Both Tessa and Alex grow through the book in order to overcome the obstacles keeping them apart. Watching them grow and change had me hooked. 

Worth the Scandal is the first book in the Worth It series. I’m looking forward to read the other Worth brothers’ story. Next up is Worth the Risk, which is Hunter’s story. It releases July 10.

More information available on Karen Erickson's website

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